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The Plant Place .
78 Alison Street, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton 3204, New Zealand

I’m very disappointed with Level 3 it seems we can only take phone or email or website orders to deliver contactlessly. That will be us delivering personally around Hamilton for $20-$25 regardless of 1 plant or a van n trailer full, or around the Waikato for a charge eg $1/km, smaller plants countrywide by courier remembering 3 days min to South Island, possibility of trees delivered by commercial truckers between Auckland n South Island with minimum pickup charges generally close to $100 but which will often pay for the whole journey, but subject to their availability as yet unconfirmed on 18th April……..

And once travel restrictions loosen we can deliver personally into Auckland on our schedule around our uplifting our own orders from various growers predominantly south Auckland, those efforts are generally just a diesel contribution for part of that trip……..

So without a surprise announcement garden centres are exempt or essential to yr wellbeing then the garden centre experience of you visiting us to walk around choosing yourself is still some time away unfortunately so much patience required as yet. Altho we’re the g ctre with the most space to keep u all safely apart disappointingly we’re just not allowed to let you in yet……

Until that is allowed again n will be dependent on getting to no new cases I’m happy to email or text pics to you before you confirm an order then u can pay by internet or credit card over the phone. As yet unsure on possibility of cash payment at your gate but presumably u wud have to go to atm which is not even practical for you anyway, tbc on that one……..

We’re being forced to adapt short term to this online world, its not our core business but we’ll do our best, remember Jacindas advice n be kind to us as we improve on that…….


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